The Promise of Dreams


With the dilution of class and civic society, as well as shifts in the workplace and Britain’s economic model, masculine roles are becoming hazy or fluid. The previously unchallenged definition of a man's role is in society is being questioned, and masculine characteristics like duty, bravery and strength are perhaps less valid in a more cerebral workplace and ethically relative Britain.


Men are struggling with or resisting the dominant male role models that went before, and are constantly confronted with contradictory or unrealistic images of what a man is or should be. At the same time, they are being sold the promise that they can shape their own individual destiny. Whether it be the job, the girl/boy, the house, the body, the car… contentment? …happiness? If you follow the right path, struggle hard enough and make the right decisions, it’s all there for the taking. Men are free to make their dreams come true.


The resulting confusion and doubt when combined with an increasingly unequal society and the priorities of everyday life, mean most will face a life of narrowing options, one way streets and increasing disconnection. And that dreams, for the most men, will remain just that.


The bulk of this project was completed between 2011- 2013, combining 35mm, medium format and digital work. They combine conceptual work with real life street photography to help expose the dissonance between peoples real lives and their fears & dreams.


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