Unbearable Lightness from the Sky


We are living through a period of profound change in our personal and emotional lives. While many have benefited from a knowledge based and globalized world, it has paradoxically created insecurity and excluded some. This growing dissonance between winners and losers, as well as a perceived or real unfairness in society, splinters the democratic core of the country, chipping away at its self assurance and cohesion. If the external pressures weren’t enough, a growing emphasis on the self, personal identity and self-reliance have placed further strains on individuals, family groups and communities.


Disconnections from society, and isolation from your community can be dangerous for any society. Once those walls start appearing (whether real or imagined), and you begin to lose connections with ‘community’ or the people who mean something to you, you start to take away a persons stake in society, your motivation to get up each day and dream of something better.


These set of images illustrate my clearest use of formal modern techniques to help emphasize the perceived insecurities and dislocation in modern British society. They comprise street images taken between 2015 and 2018.



See: The Ties that Bind



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